Providence, RI
Coffee Exchange, Wickenden St.

Terri sat down next to me and demanded I draw her. I had met her the previous day. She’d sat next to me for hours while I drew and talked to me quite a bit. I don’t want anyone to think of artists drawing in public as unapproachable so I try to be as gregarious as possible to the ones who are brave enough to engage me. But, after several hours of watching people go past, I wanted to get back to drawing.  The next day when she sat down and demanded that I draw her I figured she wasn’t the ‘warts and all’ sort. So, I shaved a few years off her face, straightened up her hair, and tried to emphasize features like laugh lines. She took one look at it and said, “Blech, I look old!” and handed it right back to me. It was a little annoying. But, after some inking and coloring, I think it’s one of my best portraits in here.

Made with: Prismacolor pencils, Pentel 101 Brush Pen, Faber-Castel Pens, Prismacolor and various markers, on Catchet paper.




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