Flower Dress Denim Jacket


Providence, RI
Coffee Exchange, Wickenden St.

I’m not sure if the girl in the flower dress was just the nervous sort or uncomfortable because I was drawing her. I have all these rules in my head that govern when it’s kosher to draw someone. If they’re sitting down they have to be 7-8 feet away to draw (any closer and I’d be invading their space). But standing figures? They can be much closer, 4-5 feet (if they’re uncomfortable it’s easier for them to move away or indicate their displeasure). If they see me looking at them I try to smile politely and, if they give me more than a glance, I casually tip my sketchbook forward hoping they’ll see that I’m drawing. Usually it works but sometimes, well, I’m not quite sure.

Made with: Prismacolor pencils, Pentel 101 Brush Pen, Faber-Castel Pens, Prismacolor and various markers, on Catchet  paper.


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