Abstract Lemonade


Providence, RI
Starbucks, Angell St.

People flipping through my sketch book always like this woman’s face. The truth is it just wasn’t a very good drawing. When I finished sketching it from observation it was lackluster. I didn’t get enough information or, the right information, to make it really unique. If I proceeded to ink it, she’d end up as a pretty generic drawing your eye would just glide past on the way to something more interesting.   But, a generic face without anything to arrest the viewer’s eye is the perfect opportunity to add a drastically stylized element. The simple and recognizable face would add enough grounding for the abstraction to work.

Made with: Prismacolor pencils, Pentel 101 Brush Pen, Faber-Castel Pens, Prismacolor and various markers, on Catchet  paper.



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